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Default Re: The Big Tuna to Cleveland?

Originally Posted by ~primetime~
ehh...Jerry let Bill do his thing for a while..."shop for the groceries"...but when it became clear that the Bledsoe/Keyshawn combo was lame, Bill had to allow the GM (Jerry) to do what a GM is supposed to do...manage the team...

also, alot of the fans where really just very unhappy with Parcell's conservative play was boring as hell

3rd and 12?...ok, run a draw play to get better punting position, that way we don't risk an INT either...that was normal Parcells, he NEVER took risks...
He is one of the greatest head coaches of all-time. If he did run a draw or a screen on third-and-12, it was only because he knew the percentages and understood that, if you throw the ball 15 yards downfield in that situation, there is a better chance that something bad would happen as opposed to something good.

My high school football coach (a legend in Ohio) always used to say, "when you are forced to throw the ball, three things can happen and two of them are bad."

When a team forces you to throw the ball by getting you in a bad down and distance, they are winning the battle and a lot of coaches choose not to be bullied into a risky playcall by a defense.

Regardless, we are looking at him as a GM or team president. He would have no control over playcalling. Although, if he came to Cleveland and decided that he wanted to give the sidelines another shot (which he wouldn't), I would have no problem with it.

Come on, Bill! We need you!
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