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Default Re: will all verbal fellating records be broken by the media after Favre wins MVP?

Carbine, you just knew there was no way MVP of the NFL would be discussed and Manning not be included. I'm not saying nothing in your post wasnt accurate but it just reads "...dont forget peyton manning please.".

And Favre winning mvp right now is laughable. I wasnt aware he was the only dude having a great season. This adds on my dislike of the guy who gets so much damn attention its disgusting. Jay Cutler and Tony Romo play just like Brett Favre...those two easily can be criticized but Favre? He's awesome.

Now that said dude is having a nice year. No matter how I feel about the guy or his attention givers. He's ballin hard. But the Vikes were good without him. He damn sure wasnt having an MVP season in Jet green.

For me, Drew Brees is leading the MVP race. And Rasheed made an excellant point. Its still alot of football to be played. Lookin forward to tonight MNF game. Thats a first.
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