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Default Re: The Big Tuna to Cleveland?

It would be a great move. Bill Parcells is the quicker picker upper. Resume doesnt lie. The guy just knows how to instill in a franchise that winning mentality/attitude. You could go 9-7 but you wouldnt look at them as a 9-7 team. And you just knew the next year they would prove that. I always liked how he came in and changed the atmosphere. There is no player in football Tuna cant tame, control and get them to know he is the BOSS or you can find a new home. No weeds grows in his backyard man.

Clevland really needs that kind of lifeline. That rain cloud has lingered long enough. I dont know about Parcells returning to football however. But its a challenge you could put on the table with cash to get the Tuna thinkin.
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