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Default Re: Monta Ellis improving?

Originally Posted by BayAreaSportz
I think for Monta Ellis to really become a star player, he has to be played as a point guard full time. I'd look for the Warriors to grab a big combo guard next draft, someone like a Evan Turner who has been compared to Brandon Roy or Joe Johnson. I think a guy like Turner can really bring out the best in Ellis. If they could, I'd move Stephen Curry for a draft pick next season to grab one of the many forwards in the draft like Paul George.

monta had 45 points but only 1 assist

a big wing player would be awsome joe johnson would be a great fit with the warriors have him at the 3 buike 2 and ellis 1

i think we will have enough money to offer him a good deal too(i doubt he takes it though)

trading curry seems unlikely given how much people in charge love him although trading him for pick in next years draft would be awsome i reading theres a lot of good big men in the upcoming draft
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