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Default Re: will all verbal fellating records be broken by the media after Favre wins MVP?

They don't even out in a 11 game period.

I've seen every throw Peyton has made this year and he virtually has NO throws that hit defenders in the hands that WEREN'T intercepted....whereas Favre has had a few passes hit defenders in the hand that didn't get intercepted.

And really, two of Favres three picks weren't his was a tipped ball, the other was that screen pass that the Steelers picked off that went right off Taylors hands and into the defenders hands.

That's the thing, why should we discredit Favre for those two throws? We shouldn't, because they weren't his fault.... but at the same time, when he makes a bad throw that doesn't get intercepted (and thus doesn't go on his stat sheet for int's) I'm not going to ignore it and say "look at the stats!" because it's foolish. A bad throw is a bad throw.....

Peyton "should" have about five or six interceptions this year (because they were either bad throws or bad reads) and Favre "should" have 4.

Not that big of a difference now, is it? Clearly not the difference that Favres 3 interceptions to Mannings 11 would indicate.
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