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Default Re: will all verbal fellating records be broken by the media after Favre wins MVP?

Originally Posted by GOBB
Heck i laughed when Titans reached for him. Looks like the egg is on my face. Didnt think he was capable of becoming a featured RB beast as he has. But really, what tough run defenses has he faced? I know you can only run all over whats in front of you. But eh, dunno if i agrew with best player this year. But I wont deny its not arguable. I mean if you face the Titans you know they are gonna run. And 8 in the box isnt workin.

I'm just loving Brees right now and while not a popular position/side of the ball where best player in the NFL seems to hang. Jared Allen is just a terror.
The draft thread for that year featured a lot of WTF?! How can you pass on Limas Sweed comments.
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