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Default Re: Monta Ellis improving?

Originally Posted by BayAreaSportz
I think for Monta Ellis to really become a star player, he has to be played as a point guard full time. I'd look for the Warriors to grab a big combo guard next draft, someone like a Evan Turner who has been compared to Brandon Roy or Joe Johnson. I think a guy like Turner can really bring out the best in Ellis. If they could, I'd move Stephen Curry for a draft pick next season to grab one of the many forwards in the draft like Paul George.

Monta Ellis is definitely improving, but he is really a 2 guard more than a point guard. I can tell by watching him that he is not an instinctual passer. Whenever he takes over a game (like last night), he is never up there on assists. The Warriors need to get a true point guard and give Monta the green light to just score because thats what he naturally does best. Trying to make him the leader/point guard is taking him out of his element.
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