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Default Re: Monta Ellis improving?

Originally Posted by LT Ice Cream
Monta Ellis is definitely improving, but he is really a 2 guard more than a point guard. I can tell by watching him that he is not an instinctual passer. Whenever he takes over a game (like last night), he is never up there on assists. The Warriors need to get a true point guard and give Monta the green light to just score because thats what he naturally does best. Trying to make him the leader/point guard is taking him out of his element.

And thats why he won't be a star player. If he plays the 2, all he'll be is an undersized shooting guard for the rest of his career. There aren't a lot of 6'3 SGs in the league that are even remotely close to being star players. Think of names like Leandhro Barbosa, Eddie House, Dejuan Wagner, Randy Foye, Delonte West, Juan Dixon, Luther Head, JJ Reddick, Dee Brown, Daniel Gibson, Flip Murray, Cuttino Mobley and Daniel Ewing. All these can score the ball.

Then, you look at the combo guards that have had success, they did it while playing the point guard position. Guys like Tony Parker, Allen Iverson (played PG for many years in Philly), Chauncy Billups or Gilbert Arenas.

Ellis isn't 6'4 or 6'5 like a Dwayne Wade or OJ Mayo and even those two has the abilities (handles) to play the point. Ellis doesn't. His ball handling is below even a shooting guard's standards and he getting by on his quickness right now.

This is a great article to read...
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