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Wade was 5th in the NBA in FTs last season and only 4 over #6(Arenas). Thats in total. Im sure someone could find per game if they cared to. I dont feel like it at the moment.

Kobe, AI, Pierce, Bron, Wade, and Arenas were all a hundred(200 for Kobe and AI) ahead of Carmelo who was 7th. next was Gasol who was almost a hundred below him.

Every elite swingman but VC was up around 800 fts last season. After 1988 Jordan never even shot 800. This year we have 5 guards on pace for 800+ with Kobe slowly getting there and Randolph right behind.

Every elite guard gets a lot of FTs and Wade gets less than 1 more than the others.

How many calls really would you think he gets? Abnormal ones I mean. to take the 11 or whatever it is FTs he averages he might get 2 and 1s, 4 shooting fouls, and then either a technical FT(he often takes them) or one from a non shooting foul in the penalty.

He might only get fouled on shots 4 or 5 times in the game. You have watched basketball just as long as I know how easy it is for a superstar who slashes to get hit once a quarter.

The degree of *****ing over this guys foul calls has gotten almost as out of control as the foul situation(league wide not just him).

People claiming he takes way too many foul shots. Gets massive phantom calls. Wade might stand on the line for 10 seconds more a game than others and get an extra 2 points out of it. Virtually everyone agrees he goes to the basket a lot. In a league where 5-6 guys can get more FTs than Jordan in his prime how shocking is it for a great slasher to take 11-12 FTs a game?

Hes just the designated whipping boy at the moment. People see a 14-16 ft total and act like it means refs were calling guys for nothing and putting him on the line over and over and over unjustly. It just isnt true. Guy does not get fouled all that much more than the other star guards and most of the fouls he gets are legit ones. Out of 4 or 5 shooting fouls its rare more than 1 can really be disputed. and on that one there is almost always still some contact of some kind.

Then people start bringing out FTA per shot and all this other ****. Like getting .7 free throws per shot is some great difference from .5. Its really just a long list of small margins and perceptions bent by reputation and presented without perspective.

Wade isnt getting crazy calls. High scoring guards are getting calls. Wade just happens to be the posterboy for the problem.
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