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Default I'm really starting think differently about George Karl

In a good way. Seriously, I used to hate this guy.
He used to:
1. Get into arguments with Melo and Kenyon, get pissed at JR.
2. Play AC every game, ignore his rookies
3. Not care; sit on the bench and do nothing

He now:
1. Besides the little issue with Melo coming out against Indy last year, I can't remember a problem with GK and his players recently.
2. His tough love approach to JR seems to have worked; JR has become a better all around player.
3. He always sticks up for his players during games now, he gets heated at officials, even when we're up by 25. I absolutely love that. He looks like he gives a damn out there every single night.
4. He is putting his "coaching ego" aside, listening to what his players were "rumbling" about with Lawson, and playing the rook over AC.
5. He always sticks up for Melo when he doesn't get calls.

I know some Denver fans dislike GK, but I will admit that I have recently gained a new respect for him. Maybe it has to do with Denver winning, maybe it has to do with Chauncey coming in and Melo and JRs new attitude, it's probably something, but GK is a changed man, and he deserves some credit.
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