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Originally Posted by EricForman
let me guess, eliteballer posted this thread to bash Wade simply because Wade did something Kobe never did, win a title as the best player on his team right?

The guy's a moron, start random threads posting articles or quotes bashing other players, and those players are almost always Kobe's "rivals". You never see him try to start threads on Yao Ming or Carlos Boozer, but Jordan, Wade, Lebron, guys who alot of guys put above Kobe? He starts these random threads about them.

Gotta give credit to Mavs fans though, they take alot of time getting clips of the fouls and putting them on youtube, bringing it up randomly, etc. They get their sh*t heard.

I wish Kings fan would have done the same for game 6 of the 02 series, maybe Kings fans are just lazier than Mavs fans because game 6 had a ton of calls worse than any Wade got. More "phantom fouls". I remember one where Doug Christie blocked Kobe, Kobe got free throws, and the whole time, the replay showed in slow mo that it was a clean block, with the commentators straight out saying "how is that a foul?".

Spurs fans should also put up clips of Bruce Bowen's "foul" on Dirk in game 4, that is just as bad, if not worse than the Wade foul on Dirk.

Cosigned. eliteballer's #1 groupie status sickens me. Everyday, its the same BS. Rasheed is just a bitter punk who got shanked and torched by DWade last year. That's not gonna take away that Finals MVP trophy, is it?
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