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Default JR Smith to Charlotte? - According to Chad Ford its possible

A trade is another possibility for Jordan. Bickerstaff has been pretty vocal about the fact that the Bobcats would be willing to deal down for multiple assets.

One rumor has the Bobcats swapping with the Hornets in a deal that would bring Charlotte the No. 12 and No. 15 picks along with J. R. Smith for the No. 3 pick. However, an NBA team source laughed off the rumor, saying that Smith is not a Bickerstaff-type of player.

If that trade is on the table then we would be stupid to turn it down. JR is more talented than anybody in this draft, only 20 years old and we get to move down and get a more Bickerstaff friendly player like Carney or Brewer with one pick and perhaps a big like Sene or Simmons with the 15th. This seems like a homerun to me.
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