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but isn't that what the Knicks need....look the power positions are established...whether you like it or not Curry is the C and Frye is the PF.....thats a good inside-outside offensive combo, but neither of them block shots, rebound well, or provide defensive intimidation on rotations when opposing players drive to the basket. So what you need is a guy off the bench who can play C/PF and gives you shot blocking and defense.......I know Boone is not the ultimate answer but he is a lot better than Jerome James ( I am still trying to figure out Isiah's logic on that one). As for him being like P.J. Brown, hey I don't mind a guy who in his prime grabbed around 9 rebounds and had 1.5 blocks per game along with playing great defense.........on a side note if I was the Knicks GM, I would trade Frye because I think in the long term Lee might end up being a better player, whoever is coaching next year needs to get Lee more run......but then again I'm not the GM, I'm some schlepp sitting in front of a computer pretending like I am.....
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