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Default Re: houston out/ tennessee in ???

Ten probably wont make the playoffs as well but they are a great story. Not only is the coming back from the dead story intriguing but you also have VY's redemption and CJ chasing the history books as a sub plot. How was 5-3 but they blew their opportunity to get over the hump and have confirmed to people that they are the same ole texans. while Tennesee is a team that has history of sucess at least in the reg season the last few years. In fact they have are within the top 5 in regular season wins since 2006 i beleive oddly enough the Texans are not really that far behind. The titans are also 1 of 5 teams who have made the playoffs the last 2 season. So nobody really believe they were as bad as they were earlier in the season and that the team that is showing up lately is a more accurate reflection.
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