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Originally Posted by Kblaze8855
After 1988...yes.

And Wade did not take more FTs in the playoffs than Shaq ever did either. Neither by total or per game. Wade took 250 in the playoffs. 10.8 a game. Shaq took 296 in the 2000 playoffs in the same number of games. And hes had at least 6 higher playoff runs per average. Maybe more since I didnt average out every season. Just the obvious ones. He took 254 in one less game than Wade needed for 250 in 2004. took 200 in just 16 games in 01. 261 in the 95 run in 2 less games than Wade needed for 250.

i dont think you can use the same criteria on shaq, ever heard of hack-a-shaq ? other teams intentionally fouled shaq to send him to the line because he is a 50% career ft shooter plus fouling him was the only way to stop him in his good days, players nowadays sure as hell arent purposely fouling wade the way they did to shaq and the way they do to duncan some times, power forwards and centers shooting a lot of free throws is completely understandable, specially if they do all their game 5 ft away from the rim.
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