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God damn. I had to leave to a birthday dinner after halftime when we were up, and then came home to this ****. The restaurant we were at had no one inside, I assumed cause of the game but got a call from a friend that we lost and it was just a horribly officiated game. Tough loss, it just doesn't seem right to me..Illinois is usually great out of the half, but if the reffing was bad then perhaps I understand. The Washington-Illinois game last year also bothered the hell out of me and if it was like that, then ****.

Weber's sideline emotion always led me to wonder if he's going to get called for it. He looks like D'Antoni on the sideline when a slightly bad call is made. I guess he paid for it today? I'm not sure.

Either way, tough loss... We should win the next games till Big Ten play starts...Looking forward to January 6th...
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