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1. Raptors - LaMarcus Aldridge
2. Bulls - Andrea Bargani
3. Bobcats - Adam Morrison
4. Blazers - Rudy Gay
5. Hawks - Marcus Williams
6. Timberwolves - Brandon Roy
7. Celtics - Tyrus Thomas
8. Rockets - Shelden Williams
9. Warriors - Patrick O'Bryant
10. Sonics - Randy Foye


-i believe there's a very strong possibility that Portland trades up with Toronto to pick Morrison.

-i honestly don't believe atlanta will draft marcus williams, despite their evident need of a pg. still, i'd like them to pick him

-the rumours of chicago liking thomas have been very strong lately. still, i think bargani is a much better fit with the bulls.

-this is more of how i'd like the draft to turn out

-Patrick O'Bryant likes to cook
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