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Default The Sky Is Falling, Danny out 4-6 weeks

The results of that MRI led the Pacers to announce Tuesday that Granger will miss a minimum of four-to-six weeks with a torn right plantar fascia (the tissue that supports the arch of the foot).

"No surgery will be required," said the advisory issued by the team, "and rehabilitation begins immediately."

Reminds me of the tune Getting Better from the Beatles. Paul's "got to admit it's getting better, getting better all the time" chorus is followed by a soft "can't get much worse" from John.

Admit it, we were going nowhere this year. A miraculous 8 seed at best, and I'd probably had made 1000% on that bet even before this injury. Sit Danny forever, long as it takes, none of this "healthy enough to play" stuff he was doing all year. You're tough Danny, we love you for it, but this is a tear, in your foot. This isn't a little sprain or soreness, this could have long-term effects.

Let's be optimistic, something this team has really tried my patience with. No more up and down playing time for Rush, it's big minutes all the time with Danny out. Is he still going to be terrified to shoot the ball not having a hook around his neck all game? We'll see. We're going to lose more games than we would've, which means that many more ping pong balls. Outstanding I say, this is a roster in dire need of a real talent upgrade. Going into next year with TJ, Jeff, Murph, Dun all expiring and Tinsley coming off the books, a 100% Danny, and a super stud rookie (assuming we don't blow the pick)? Hey, there're some teams that are in a lot worse shape.

And give McBob some minutes!
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