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Originally Posted by Loki
Sorry, but no. Check the 2:11-2:45 mark of this video:

He was 30 years old at the time. The play they show from 4:49-5:09 is also unreal, but whatever -- this isn't a Jordan topic.

I definitely see the similarities between Anthony's move and Dr. J's move, but the Doctor held the ball out there in one hand and pulled it all the way out to the side. He (Dr. J) also covered a lot more distance in the air, though you can only really see this when you see the play from the normal game angle and not the close-up, under-the-basket shot they usually show. Carmelo's just been ridiculous this year, though.

The Jordan move at 2:20 in the video was to me much more impressive than what Melo did last night.
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