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Default Re: any official word on tmac return

Thu, Dec 10th 2009, 16:39
Thank you!

Hey fans,

I just wanted to extend a huge thank you to the best fans a player could ask for. When I saw the first results for All-Star voting this morning, I was blown away. I know itís early on in the voting, and thereís a long way to go, but it was an awesome feeling when I heard. Iím honored and humbled that you all have shown me so much love and you continue to support me through everything. From the messages left here on and on my Facebook page, to all the votes that you have cast for the All-Star game, itís truly amazing how dedicated and supportive you all are, and I canít thank you enough for your kind words and the encouragement you send me each day. It makes me that much more determined to be the best player I can be when I get back out there.

Speaking of getting back out there, Iím sure you are anxious for an update. Weíre still taking it day by day, but the organization and I are optimistic that Iíll be back out there soon. We arenít targeting a specific game, but my coach and the trainers and I are working to determine the best time to make my return. As a competitor I want to be out there so badly, but at the same time I trust coach and the staff to help me make the decision thatís in the best interest of my health and the team. Itís still early in the season and everyone has stepped up and the team is playing great, so there is no need to rush things. Iím feeling better and more comfortable every day in practice and Iím getting my fitness back, so itís just a matter of time now.

Hopefully youíll see me out there soon!

Anyways, thanks again to the best fans in the world!

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