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Both teams played hard
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Originally Posted by Bill Swerski
Nope, both Adonal Foyle and Diop were fat, slow, and awkward coming out.

Strengths: Sagana Diop is a very athletic big man. he's close to 300 pounds and runs the floor like a small forward. he's very fast. coming from senegal, africa, he's only been playing competitive basketball for a few years so he figures to get a lot better. right now his best asset is his defense. he can hold opposing centers virtually scoreless with his smothering style of defense. he is a very good shot blocker, and can also help out and block other opposing players shots.

No they weren't at least in Diop's case. As you see he was billed as an athletic freak. He wasn't always as fat as he's got in his Cleveland days.
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