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Default Re: Oct/Nov Record Predictions

Our contributors are so clearly depleted it is painful.

Was when I got here.

Are you still sore about the coward thing?

Not sore about anything. Think it's pretty weak to call people names cuz you don't like their view though.

Well, you deserved it.

Sure I did. I'm a coward for what again? Not picking the Jazz's record like you wanted me too?

Collins was a smart player. He knew the system, made very few mistakes, make his fouls count, and didn't cost much over his entire career. I called him what he was, I never said he was something he wasn't.

He was an end of the bench guy like he is now at best not a starter or a 20+ minute a nite guy. You and SLoan were way off base on him.

The Jazz have been close to contender status a few times in the last few years.

When? They've been worse each of the past few years. ANywhere else the coach gets booted. Ridiculous!

They have been on the edge of elite.

LOL! Without playing D.


Plus, If I remember right, any time I said they could be contenders was contingent on being healthy.

They were healthy at the end of last year and only Amare getting hurt got them into the playoffs to get crushed.

Okur is a strong rebounder, especially on the offensive glass.


If you want to focus on weak spots in his game, look elsewhere.

Like almost everywhere else.
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