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Default Re: Can Shane Battier dunk?

Originally Posted by allball
Outstanding? dude he hasn't averaged more than 10 a game since his rookie year. he shot .410 last year and is shooting .400 this year. he's an 8 PPG 4 reb playoff performer for his career.

the Rockets gave up Rudy Gay for this stiff who is a good defender but doesn't do nearly enough to be called outstanding.

Scottie Pippen was outstanding. Grant Hill was outstanding. Turkoglu and Rashard Lewis are very good. Shane is the definition of an average role player. yeah he plays d but this guy was a college player of the year and a number 6 pick.

a 6'8" wing who won't throw it down for his team cause it's not his style? that's a disgrace.

LMAO, you apparently know nothing about basketball intangibles. Battier is a championship caliber glue guy. Sad thing is, he's never been surrounded by championship caliber players. Yes, Batter can't jump out of the fucking gym like Rudy Gay.......but guess what? Houston isn't winning 50 games with fucking Rudy Gay either. (BTW, has Rudy Gay ever even played on a 50 game winning team before?) Which is something Houston has done year in and year out since they made the trade for Battier regardless of which star "stat sheet filling up" player ended up on I.R. for the season. Sad thing is without Yao and pretty much without McGrady, Battier will still help lead this team to a 50+ game winning season...he just makes winning plays.

But NO!!!, We should've kept Rudy Gay who hasn't done jack shit in this league (but man, he sure can dunk. ) The last time Memphis was even relevant is when they had Shane Battier on their roster. The last time they even sniffed a 50 game winning season was with Shane Battier. Infact they made the playoffs for 3 consecutive years with Battier (only years Battier has not been in the playoffs during his career was his rookie and sophomore seasons) and then the second they traded him, they went from a 49 game winning playoff season to having the worst damn record in the league.......and they've been stuck there ever since. But But But...Rudy Gay flies so high. Wow when he runs by, the gust of air blows panties off the chicks in the cheap seats. Too bad he can't do what really win basketball games and get his team to the playoffs, but damn the stats are sexy.

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