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Default Re: Can Shane Battier dunk?

Originally Posted by allball
good try. but Memphis had many issues besides Battier leaving. Gasol had injuries the next year and then he left the next. you think Battier staying was going to save that team? they lost several role players that next year and a lot of scoring.

if you swapped Rudy and Shane right now, you think Memphis would win 50 games? the Rockets would still have a solid defender in Ariza who could stop jacking so many shots and still be just as effective and Gay could give them offense and some decent defense playing with a better coach and guys like Hayes, Landry and Scola. with Rudy and Ariza the Rockets would be just as good if not better.

guys like Battier are much easier to replace than guys like Gay. and Rudy can do a lot more than just dunk...but he can and will dunk.

also the year Memphis won 50 games they had James Posey. they never rose above that level with Battier and I do believe in Shane's rookie year (like Rudy's) Memphis only won like 24 games and they were near awful the next year with Shane on their roster.

What the hell does Posey have to do with Battier was on that team too But let me guess, that glue guy gets props, but Battier is just a bum. Must be, because Posey dunks huh?

Also Gasol played 60 games during that train wreck of a season.....still doesn't explain having the worst record in the league after being in the playoffs the year before. If Rudy Gay was half as good as you're trying to make him, his talent would've picked up the other 20 games.

Rudy Gay puts up empty #s.......THOSE PLAYERS are easy to find. I haven't regretted that trade one single day since it happened. Rudy Gay is not a winner, he's Tmac with healthy - the elite scoring ability. All flash, no substance. Who the fuck cares about a player who puts up empty stats on a shitty team year in and year out? I'll take the "stiff" that plays on a winning team year in and year out, even if he goes unnoticed by people who act like you have to be able to dunk a ball to be good in this league.

I could really care less about Rudy Gay.....honestly, you would've been better served bringing up any player except him. I have never liked that guy....he's a natural born loser.

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