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Default Re: Which player you base your game on?

You tell me;

Im pass first.

As far as shooting, Im good from the FT line and in, still dont have much range. My main skill scoring-wise is using quickness and driving in.

I can make most passes, Ive worked on getting the ball to someone in the hardest situations.

I try to make sure off the ball Im moving around trying to get open or whatever needs to be done.

As far as defense I like trying to play the passing lanes, but its good as long as I stay in front of my man and hold him down. Im not a very good offball defender(one of my larger flaws in my game) but Im working on my defense in a whole.

Yeah, who is that like?

I try to base lots of things I do off of Steve Nash, and its funny this thread was made because I do wonder what some good players to analyze.
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