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Default OT: Are Television Dramas/Sitcoms Actually Coming Back? Where Is Real Music? Man.

The past few years the networks have been flooded with Reality Television shows. One network started it, it was successful, then other networks picked up on it and decided to showcase them based on shock value rather than substance.

It was all fun at first because "Who Wants To Marry A Millionaire" was a big deal because there wasn't anything like it at the time and everybody wanted to see what the chosen girl would do once she would find out he was actually a construction worker instead of a millionaire.

The only reality shows I kind of followed in the past were American Idol (kind of), The Player, and Making of Da Band. The Real World fell off a little bit with the last memorable show being the Real World, the episode with Tek and Ruth. The Real World looks like it might be alright again with their episode in Denver. I'm not really a big reality television person, but those shows caught my attention.

These reality shows got boring after a while, but slowly but surely, shows were making a comeback with Everybody Loves Raymond, King of Queens, George Lopez Show, My Wife & Kids, now Heroes and Studio 60, and of course how can anybody forget Law & Order??? What do people think of Kenny Stabler's new partner??? She's hella fine huh??? Yeah man.

I find myself these days listening to music from way back when. I'm a huge R&B fan. R&B in the mainstream was cool in the 1990's and early 2000's with Boyz II Men, Jodeci, 112, Donell Jones, Jagged Edge, Usher, Dru Hill, Mary J. Blige, Ginuwine and so much more. People actually were excited about those artists putting albums out. It was actually exciting for an artist to release a song or an album. Nowadays, it's whatever, because the artists these days don't put much thought or creativity in their work, they just follow a general formula; booty + bling + sensual music = the greatest R&B record these days.

Even artists like Marilyn Manson, KoRn, System of a Down, Papa Roach, Fuel, Blink 182, and so many more rock artists, who I don't really listen to, but I respect because they were high on the charts at one point aren't really on the charts anymore.

Music shows like TRL and 106th & Park used to be fun to watch. AJ and Free used to keep the audience entertained, as did Carson Daly, Matt Pinfield, and Ananda Lewis. The Basement on BET was a nice place to kick it at because of Tigga's energy and Hits on the Street was hilarious.

Anybody remember that old show with Matt Pinfield called farmclub or something where aspiring artists try to get their music out there??? That show is what made Sonique famous.

I think I know why music isn't what it used to be. So many people are downloading music now that the most people buying CD's these days are those hardcore fans part of the artists' street team or something. It doesn't really give a true representation of the artist's worth or his or her talent.

I feel old because I find myself reminiscing about the past alot these days, especially about music since I love music. I'm 25, which is pretty old to some, but not that old to others. I don't know. Is this kind of thing normal??? Anybody feel the same way??? Sorry for posting this on the main forum, but I feel that more people check this forum out, and hoping people will relate to what I'm saying.
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