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Originally Posted by SCdac
The only real constant on television, in my opinion, is HBO. Solid programming that has done nothing but thrived throughout the years.

But I would agree that things aren't the same they used to be, at least in the 80's and 90's. Television has become more commercial and predictable. Music the same in a sense. Mainstream taking over more than ever, radio and television stations slaves to ratings and familiarity.

I miss old MTV; Beavis & Butthead, The State (sketch comedy), The Maxx, Singled Out, My So Called Live, "Alternative" music, actual music videos all day long, first few seasons of Real World when they would cast actual eccentric and unique people (Puck, etc, etc) - not frat-dudes and sorostitutes.

Other than that, I have never been a big R&B guy. Only songs I remember have to do with exgirlfriends and crap. Good genre, but not my thing. Was more into "alternative", rock, metal (Pantera, etc), death metal (Cannibal Corpse, etc) back then. Listened to alot of Prodigy, NIN, industrial stuff too. Don't want to digress, too much music to name.

Downloading, and ultra-fast internet (remember when the internet was actually *gasp* slow?), has definitely caused change. Nowadays people wouldn't even think about buying a cd, back then that's what it was all about. Always comes back to the big question, "how much is music 'public domain'?, or is it at all?"

Most of all, I miss good movies. Movies that weren't afraid to tank. Movies that were ORIGINAL (that's a sin in Hollywood nowadays). We live in the age of the "remake" right now.
lol sorry if I'm rambling. But I agree, things just ain't the same nowadays. TV, Music, you name it.

Don't worry man, I was rambling too. Yeah as far as remakes are concerned, it's not only with movies, but with music as well, craziness.
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