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Default Re: Oct/Nov Record Predictions

You insist on taking cheap shots

Having a differing opinion of your beloved Jazz is taking cheap shots. Oh poor Jerry and his 10 mil a year for doing little. LOL!

you get what's coming to you

Again for having a different opinion?

When did I say he should play 20 minutes? When did I say he should start?

But he did and you supported him playing just as you would support anything Jerry and the orginazation does cuz they can do no wrong.

Okur was injured.

Looked like he was playing to me.

you have been unreasonable on multiple levels

Not going along with you is unreasonable?

fail over and over again to represent virtually anything fairly.

What am I supposed to represent. It's a disscussion board. I give opinions.

I'm done.

Want to put money on that?
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