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Its good that nobody will pay for music anymore. Musicians should make money by performing, really its the only way they ever did anyways. Most artists became slaves to record contracts and if their album didn't sell a ridiculous amount they ended up oweing the record company money in the end.

Then the record companies had the audicity to just begin completely manufacturing people. Take any attractive person, write them some lyrics, get a producer to make them some beats, get a director and spend a million bucks on a video. It doesn't even matter if they can sing or not because you're going to run their voice through a thousand filters in the studio anyways.

I've bought my fair share of music, I probably have about 1000 CDs, but I'll never buy another one. If I like someone I'll go and see their show if they come to my town, and I go and see lots of local DJs and MCs, but that is about the only way I spend money on music anymore.
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