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Default Re: Who you got for Bucks starters /bkups ?

Originally Posted by Jasper
Re analysis after 25 games , player roster and value :

Bogut - cornerstone of team , as long as his head is in the game.
Value : New ownership can use or trade
Gadz - expiring , with no trade value when contract is up
Thomas - trade option before Feb. otherwise retiring
Warrick - 2nd string PF (if acquired weight , could be an option as starter)
Defino - SF zero defense , ok shot and passer , but 2nd string role player
Ilyasova - Twinner PF height , SF player. Not a starter , but an excelent 6th man off the bench option.
Moute - SF defensive player , could play as starter and have high effiiency rate if with right team. V= High
Redd - injury affected lift. Deadly shooter , but will take his contract to full completion. Bucks need to work him into a trade or work him into the offense , because the Bucks lack continuity.
Bell - twinner , 2nd stringer . Value : to big of a contract to move.
Meeks - 2nd stringer ... value unknown , not enough playing time
Jennings - Shoot first , pass 2nd PG. Value : young with lack of height. Any switch or low post play against him will score. If coached to pass with 3rd option to shoot may become efficient. Currently shooting 40% , but most of his made shoots are after the game has been decided.
Ridnour - 2nd Stringer Value : high because of pass first thought process , however his defense is as it was in Seattle - poor.

Total accessed value : 2 starters on roster (Bogut , Redd) Jennings if he learns not to shoot.

Offense accessed value : Offense runs through Bogut , pass ratio high.
Currently no post play. Value - low
Defensive accessed value : No front court weight (beef to plug middle)
Guards can easily be posted up , or screened off.
Value - Low

Good stuff, and I pretty much agree- are you thinking like I.that the bucks have as good of a roster as anybody to make some trades?

I didn't realize gazurich was an expirer and that thomas thing should be valuble to somone

I think you have to go after a wing scorer to take some of that off jennings and see if it helps

2 protected 1sts

Maybe it has to be this next 1st rd pick to make it happen

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