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Originally Posted by bigkingsfan
Get off Webber's ****, the guy is currently horrible on the 76ers and have been on the declined for the last few years, next year he'll be useless.

Very true, but then again, we don't know how he would perform here, and he still is a defensive liability, but the kings still aren't winning, so it's not an improvement.

Some of Petrie's moves are questionable, but some players are not worth the risk, like Kenyon Martin... and we don't have the package available to land a superstar. Salmons was a great signing and I have no idea why we won't pursue a shot blocker, but lets remember our early 2000 teams didn't have one either, and came close to winning a ring, maybe he's trying to build a similar team. We had Skinner and let him go, so looks like it's not on his to-do list.

The only way a smaller team works is being athletic and making shots, like the suns and warriors (both destroyed us). We have older, slower, unathletic guys like SAR, Miller, Bibby (slow for a PG), and the kings can't run-and-gun. The Kings team isn't built that way, so going small makes no sense.

Now, Muss and the Maloofs want defense and rebounding, yet we have no inside presence and the kings continually chuck shots when nobody is in a position to rebound. Does that make any sense??? Everything I've heard from the kings is exactly what they AREN'T doing on the court (and what they aren't built to do). WTF?

And the Bibby thing, it's unfair to assess him now, he looked great in preseason before the injury. Give the guy a break.

This team is losing games but they put up a great fight in the recent loss, without Artest. I just want to see everyone healthy then critique them.

The problem is they aren't doing the little things and doing stupid things that cost games that pros souldn't do (miss FT's, turnovers, selfish play, rebounding/second chance points, missing layups, bad shot selection, etc.). Unfair to assess? As long as they are on the floor, contributing to either a winning or loosing effort, I can and will assess them.
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