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macgrady chokes just as much a dirk. he had a 3-1 lead against the pistons. said "its great to finally get out of the first round" then lost 3 straight and was sent home.

And how many years ago was that...things have changed from that. You don't have to look so far to see how bad dirk choked..

But that's not the case, how much dirk chokes. You have to look at it from the point that, this rockets team, is much more better with t-mac than dirk. yao-mcgrady is a inside-outside compo, yao-dirk would be inside-inside. right now, mcgrady likes to play outside, be the playmaker, slash to the basket, draw defenders and pass the ball. He's been doing it great and when you need him to score, he does so. it would be a problem to put dirk and yao to the paint at the same time. Two post scorers and no help from outside..the defense could consentrate inside. yes, dirk can shoot from the outside, but he's not doing it so much today. With couple of trade's dirk could fit to this team but right now the rockets are way more better with t-mac and yao. And we'll see how t-mac "chokes" in the finals
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