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Default Charlie V's night out....

Let's just say that CV will be a Buck for the rest of his career. Could it be possible, or more like probable, that he'd scored more against the Bucks than for it? I know that when he lit us up (that sounds a little weird now) I believe Bosh was out....and Mike James might've been out too. That being said, he still killed us. Will or can he ever score 49+ in a Bucks uni? And I know the first argument will be a 'no' followed by "not with Redd, Williams, Bogut....yadda yadda yadda..." Let's also say hypothetically that due to injuries (knock on wood) he becomes the number one option for an extended period. Did he catch lightning in a bottle against the Bucks last year or does he have that ability to drop 50 on someone?
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