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Interview a while back with Jereme Richmond.

Jereme Richmond, the number one player in the class of 2010 in the state of Illinois, has just verbally commited to play for the University of Illinois. Richmond is 6'6 and can play any position on the floor. He is most affective playing on the perimeter, and has a great outside shot, but he can also hit the block and post up. He is a stellar rebounder, shotblocker, and defender. He goes to North Shore Country day high school an plays for coach Dan Powers. He has no real weakness to his game, and he is also a very smart kid who gets good grades and has a high basketball I.Q.

He broke out on to the national radar last summer playing for the Rising Stars Yellow team, but Illinois HS Baskebtall has been watching this special talent for the last 4 years. He has been dominating high school caliber oponents since he was in grammar school, and his skills are rapidly improving. He has the potential to be a top player in the nation before he is even a sophomore. Here's Illinois HS's exclusive interview...

Dan P: What's the scoop on your commit to the University of Illinois?

J. Rich: Last night Coach Weber came to North Shore Country Day to see me play, and he offered me a scholarship. Me and my family talked it over last night, and this morning i decided to make it official.

Dan P: What do you like most about the University of Illinois?

J.Rich: The atmosphere. When i visited U of I, the atmosphere there was just amazing

Dan P: How is your relationship with coach Weber?

J.Rich: So far so good. Everytime we meet we have a great conversation and we really click. I am really looking foward to playing for him.

Dan P: What do you most look foward to for the next four years?

J.Rich: Having fun. Now I know that I don't have to worry myself with the pressure of who's in the crowd, and what scouts are watching me play. I can just play my game, try to help my team win, and have fun.

Dan P: Other then basketball, what was the biggest factor in your decision?

J.Rich: Just being able to be a kid. I didn't want to be hounded by so many schools for my whole high school career, I just wanted to focus on all the things a kid should, and just play basketball, and I felt that there was no better place for me then the U of I.

Dan P: Who is the one person that has the biggest influence in your life, and has helped the most to get you to where you are today?

J. Rich: My Dad. He always told me to stay humble and work hard, then everything will work out.

Dan P: Where do you see yourself four years from now? 8 years from now?

J. Rich: Four years from now i see myself fighting for a starting spot at the U of I. 8 years from now, hopefully I'll be in the NBA.

Dan P: What do you think is the strongest aspect of your game? What part needs the most work?

J. Rich: the strongest part of my game is attacking the rim and rebounding. I need to work on keeping my composure and not getting frustrated, some times I get frustrated and take a play off, and it costs my team a possesion.

Dan P: How was your first high school game?

J. Rich: Dominant. 34 points 21 rebounds 6 blocks...

Dan P: Who is the best player in the state regardless of class?

J. Rich: Demitri McCamey

Dan P: What makes him better then Jereme Richmond?

J. Rich: I just love his game. He is more eperienced then me and has a more mature body and game. A few years from now I know that I can be better though.

Dan P: What is in your C.D. player right now?

J. Rich: Young Joc and Lil' Wayne.

Dan P: How are the girls treating you over at North Shore Country Day?

J. Rich: The girls are awsome here. They are all really nice and they like to come out to the games and see us play, but right now I dont really have time to worry about that. I am very driven to be the best i can, and i have to sacrifice other things in my life sometimes to achive my goals. When I'm older I will start looking for a girlfriend, but until then I' m just focusing on basketball.
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