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Originally Posted by bagelred
All I'm saying is people overreact to sensitivity, even when it has nothing to do with racism.

When Andy Dork says "You all are a bunch of n-----rs", he's not making fun of black people, he's making fun of Michael Richards. Anyone with even a hint of an IQ can discern the difference.

If you are in the audience and are black or any other race, you shouldn't say "OMG, Andy Dork said the n word!", you should be laughing saying "Yeah, that Michael Richards, what a moron!." That's what comedy is all about.

That's what comedy is about - mocking all the strange happenings in matter what the topic.

You've already got the key to the whole thing here Bagel:

Anyone with even a hint of an IQ can discern the difference.

The overwhelming majority of Americans are lacking a hint of an IQ. People only take things on face value and rarely look further for clarification, explanation, or reason behind it. They take their initial reaction to it, ignore all facts, reasoning and logic and think that everyone else in the world should feel the same way they do.

The problem is not what Michael Richards did. The problem is not what Andy **** did based upon what Michael Richards did. The problem is that the people who are bothered by such things don't possess the maturity and mental capacity to just separate themselves from the things they don't like. Don't like a television show? Don't watch it. Don't like a magazine? Don't read it. Don't like a movie? Don't go and see it. Don't like a band? Don't buy their album or go to their concert. But no, in their grand ignorance they think that we all should feel the same way as them and therefore the things they do not like should cease to exist, and if we do not feel the same way as them, we are wrong and need to be protected from the things they do not like.

But again, it's a mature, educated, intelligent way of life, and Americans just aren't ready for that.

I'd rather have a million Michael Richards yelling racist remarks at ignorant people (yes, the *******s who were talking and heckling during his routine were ignorant, inconsiderate pieces of ****, regardless of race) than just one ignorant piece of **** who smiles to your face, then once the door is closed he's yelling, "Get a ****in' job, ******." The alternating beauty and ugliness of America is that both are absolutely free to do so. The only thing the American people have to learn to do is cope with the reality and stay away from the things we don't like.. and you know how great the American people are at learning things.
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