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Originally Posted by Rasheed1
great topic.....the insight and depth of your analysis is staggering

what a bball scholar

Really makes you think, doesn't it?

Where would we be not only in terms of basketball knowledge, but in our quality of life on earth, without breathtaking, insightful, commentary like that?

Bravo, man, bravo. I just called ESPN and they're gonna fire the entire Friday night commentary and analysis team so you can exclusively inform the NATION about your indepth basketball wisdom.

Anyways so i'm not a hypocrite by trashing a post for lack of depth, and not adding my own opinion.

I can not and will not place Steve Nash at the same level as John Stockton, not because of their court vision, playmaking ability, level of clutch, etc... but because of the OBVIOUS disparity between defensive abilities.

Stockton has the most steals in NBA history, and was a LOCKDOWN defender. Nash? A liability.
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