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Originally Posted by West-Side
So right now, Kobe is better then Wade...right now Bosh is better then Bynum...we can only assume what will happen in the future.

Wade will never reach Kobe's please quit trying to overrate him, he's effecient because he goes inside all the time, and half the time gets bailed out.

He's not a better scorer the Kobe, or a better defense...those two are the main criterias when comparing two SGs. Wade is probably #5 on my list, Kobe's #1.

The problem with people like you is that you dont' believe Kobe has any flaws, such as shot selection, ability to understand the flow of a game, leadership, efficiency, etc.

These things are important factors in a player, but Kobe fanatics like to pretend that they aren't important.

And Kobe has never gotten bailed out by refs? That's the type of biased nonsense Bryant fanatics come up with.
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