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Originally Posted by looki nobawls
The problem with people like you is that you dont' believe Jordan has any flaws, such as shot selection, ability to understand the flow of a game, leadership, efficiency, etc.

These things are important factors in a player, but Jordan fanatics like to pretend that they aren't important.

And Jordan has never gotten bailed out by refs? That's the type of biased nonsense Jordan fanatics come up with.

jordan's shot selection, efficiency, leadership and ability to understand the flow of the game BLOW those of kobe bryant out of the water, jordan is a 50% career shooter while playing against more double teams than most guards have ever seen, kobe is a 45% career shooter who has never topped 47% playing off the double teams shaq commanded, meaning: not even shaq's coat-tails were enough for kobe to shoot above 47%
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