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Originally Posted by Laker Logic
...don't you have a bridge for sale somewhere?

I don't see you commenting on "the league" all that much, but considering how Kobe and the Lakers are doing thus far, I can understand your uncharacteristic silence.

Must have been back when Peja was hitting threes from the team bus...

Alright Logic, I attempted to answer your question without being rude or obnoxious, despite our histories but you're just too much of an unbalanced fanatic to just have a reasonable discussion. You still take it personally that I don't like a player you root for, as if I've somehow attacked YOU. That's why, despite your intellectual facade, you will always be groupie scum.

It's funny how you've been absent from the board for long stretches but that's OK, you were just "busy with life" I guess.

In conclusion, f*ck you.
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