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Why do some Blacks let a word bother them so much? You say the "N" word and black people gets hurt, feel pain or some would become violent... You call a white person a "Cracker", they brush it off or laugh it off... you call a chinese person "*****".... they probably don't really care... you call blacks "the N Word"... they feel enraged and become violent... LOL
You're right because cracker and ***** are the same as ******.

I don't get what was so ignorant about the dudes he directed his rant at. You realize he jumped on them first because he was mad they arrived in a large group during the middle of his set. It's a different video and I don't care enough to go back and try to find it again, but he immediately started with something like "here come some dirty mexicans and ******s." The "heckling" as you put it began in response.

Either way, I didn't see Andy ****'s thing but I honestly could laugh about someone making fun of KKKramer. I'd have to see it
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