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Originally Posted by jbrown3
Using the N word in any other situation other than an academic, literary setting, or other serious setting that does not put light to the word is wrong. There's no other way around, it should not be a source for laughs and it's not because humans no matter what country they are in are too sensitive.

It's because of the historical connotaion that it contains. It's tied to the worst period of American history. Using it lightly and comically almost shows utter disrespect for those who went through the horrible cruelty of slavery from which the word came forth. The N word is not simply just a word that has lost it's meaning in society over time. The historical connections that N word brings up are so recent and even if they weren't recent, are still of extreme importance to any person in the world, let alone America. So when someone decides to derive humor or relieve rage with the N word, they are saying that the absolutely disgusting act of slavery, cruelty, and white power are ok to put lightness to and to not take seriously.

I don't disagree, but I'd like to just make a statement about "the worst period of American history". Yes, the cruelty of slavery is abhorrent and unforgivable, but is it truly worse than what happened to the true Native Americans? How many people of African descent do you see on a daily basis. Now, how many people of Native American descent do you see? Our forefathers committed crimes on them that make what they did to the slaves seem like a freakin' picnic.

Here's a great, simple example. How many times as a child did you play "cowboys and indians"? Did you ever play "masters and n!ggers?" Does the idea of that kind of game being played by white kids offend you? If so, why doesn't "cowboys and indians"?

Now, I'm not pointing a finger at the black community and telling them they have it easy, they should just cope, or that they're overreacting towards racism. Racism is still -very- prevalent in America, it's just that we've become so politically correct that it's very well hidden until it's just too big to be kept under wraps. The media hides it, the sugar-coated two-faces liars who smile and then call people names behind your back hide it, but when something gets too big to hide, everyone sees it (*cough* Katrina *cough*).

However, I do think it needs to be put into perspective. One man yelling a racial slur to an audience that paid to see him is not the same thing as someone tying a person to the bumper of a truck and dragging him around until he dies. It's not someone treating human lives as property. It's not giving someone a blanket full of a disease that will ravage their entire race.
But if you want to get a reaction out of people, this is the topic you pull out. Talking about anything of the other things our country has done (or is currently doing) that is inhumane and unforgivable is okay, but god forbid you say the N word. Of all the words that start with the letter "N", only -one- of them is the "N" word.

I guess what I'm trying to say is by all means carry the flag into battle against racism, but don't start beating the war drums because the enemy called you a bad name. We tend to put quite a bit of weight into words, when it's the actions we should be paying attention to.
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