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Originally Posted by JalenRawley
You've already got the key to the whole thing here Bagel:

Anyone with even a hint of an IQ can discern the difference.

The overwhelming majority of Americans are lacking a hint of an IQ. People only take things on face value and rarely look further for clarification, explanation, or reason behind it. They take their initial reaction to it, ignore all facts, reasoning and logic and think that everyone else in the world should feel the same way they do.

Hmmm...I guess I do give Americans too much credit. I guess most americans think this way:

- The word N*gg*r is bad. (Continues munching on cheetos).

Also, I tend to think African Americans are the most sensitive group to any criticism, mocking, joking, etc., even if its in good fun.

Think about it, take Simpsons for example, they make fun of EVERY group, jews, italians, irish, hispanics, indians, gays, ripe with stereotypes...but not black people. Black people are always shown in a good light (like Dr. Hibbard). You just can't joke about black people ever. Do African Americans not have a sense of humor about themselves? Something to think about.....

On a side note, isn't it funny you can't write Andy ****'s name because of his last name? heh heh.....
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