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Good effort by the Raptors in that half. They actually played solid defense and contained the Cavs.

- Lebron could tear apart the Raptors anytime he wants. I don't know why he only started being aggressive at the end of the half. He is passing up too many opportunities.

- TJ Ford sat for too long IMO. Calderon did have 4 assists but the offense just seems to get stagnant when he's in there. Ford had a great half. I love seeing him in there creating easy shots for everyone.

- Good half by Parker. He, like Garbajosa, needs to start stepping in on those 3's because it doesn't seem like he has the range but he's playing really well so far.

- Good half from Bosh as well. Doesn't seem like the eye infection is bothering him much. The Raptors really need him on the floor because their rebounding disappears completely when he's on the bench.

- Garbajosa playing solid D as usual as well.

- Bargnani needs to use his size as an advantage more. He did that in the last minute of the half but it has to happen more often on both ends. Right now he is a 7'1 SG and that's not good. Get him touches in the post, GET SOME REBOUNDS PLEASE!!

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