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Originally Posted by crisoner
Andy ****...this is Andy **** we are talking about.
Dude is a clown...but after every dramatic event this sh*t always has to happen. You have to hush up about it for a while.

I don't know...I'm not black or white and speaking from my point of view I think the whole black and white thing is a little over done now a days.

I know there are still a whole lot of racist good old boy white folks out there...but what about the black comedians that clown on white folks as crackers etc?

But any how...what Kramer did was wrong and he does need to check himself cause there is some hate underneath it all. But this incident with Andy **** is just him being a jackass once again to get laughs. Been oing it his whole career.

I mean, you can like Andy Dork or dislike him. But does he really need to make an official PR apology for mocking Michael Richards? Our society is officially insane....
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