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Originally Posted by LongBeachLakers
I don't really care about the history. You're gonna let a word control you? The only reason the word has any power behind it is because it could cause blacks to feel hurtful, shameful, inferior and can make blacks become violent. That's why it's powerful. If black people don't have that reaction to the word, then the word would be meaningless. The only people who gives power to the "N" word are blacks themselves.

Exactly. Wow, it's really easy to push a black man's buttons. Just say the N word and a witch hunt ensues. Don't give power to it, rise about it and ignore it. When you hear Kramer's words, don't have rallies and interviews and public apologies and healing and etc. etc. Just think, "Eh, Richards is a fool. Whatever." and just move on.....

That's how I reacted with Mel Gibson's words. What do I care if he's anti-semetic. He's a moron. So I won't see his movies. Move on.....
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