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Default Re: Ridiculously Early 2010 Mock Draft

Originally Posted by el gringos
1-wall 6-4 pg kentucky
2-motiejunas 7-0 pf lithania
3-cousins 6-? c/pf kentucky
4-monroe 6-11 c/pf gtown
5-favors 6-9 pf g tech
6-bradley 6-3 pg texas
7-fariq aminu 6-9 pf/sf wf
8-X henry 6-6 sg kansas
9-singler 6-9 sf duke
10-sidney 6-10 pf
11-veseley 6-11 pf czech rep
12-lee 6-5 pg ucla
13-johnson 6-7 sg/sf syracuse
14-harris 6-8 sf gonzaga
15-bjelica 6-10 sf serbia
16-sacre 7-0 c gonzaga
17-warren 6-4 pg oklahoma
18-ebanks 6-? Sg/sf wv
19-saraphin 6-10 pf france
20-aldrich 6-10 c kansas
21-davis 6-9 pf unc
22-smith 6-7 sg/sf tennessee
23-plumlee 6-11 pf duke
24-harris 6-5 sg/pg michigan
25-brackins 6-10 pg iowast
26-robinson 6-9 sf uconn
27-hopson 6-6 sg tennessee
28-bouldin 6-5 pg gonzaga
29-summers 6-4 sg/pg mich st
30-dyson 6-? pg uconn
Johnson at 13? I think he should be higher than that.
10 is too high for Sidney.
Lee and Harris shouldn't even be on here.
Where is Patterson?
Cousions is too high.

Theres a lot more wrong with this I just don't feel like dissecting the whole thing.
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