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Default Re: Ridiculously Early 2010 Mock Draft

Originally Posted by Grinder
Oh man.

Where's Evan Turner, Patrick Patterson, and Solomon Alabi? Dyson is probably not going first round either, Kemba Walker has a better shot.

Good responses, thanks

I've never considered patterson as a 1st rounder, though this year he's closer than ever- so maybe he slides into the 1st but he isn't a lock

Malcom lee has shown he isn't a #1 scoring option, but to me he has shown he can handle the ball well enough and has shown huge defensive potential- you guys don't like lee, why not tell me besides wall, bradley, and if you think warren- who else is a better nba pg prospect than lee

I need to see more players, so I like the comments, I wanted to include alibi but really haven't seen him and didn't want to guess (even though that's how I threw vesely and bjelica in)

I've never seen turner as the kind of prospect many of you do- esp off a serious injury

You're right on dyson/walker, I'm thinking I wrote the wrong one, I like the little bigger more athletic one, I think it is walker
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