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the N-word is just a symptom of a whole host of other problems......

Some people are really sensitive to the word....others arent

to me richards got exactly what he deserved for his un-funny hate-filled desperate racist tirade...

I think what happened to him was very good for him..

people who attempt to defend richards need to go learn about the history behind his racist rant. then they will understand why it isnt at all funny or appropriate...

as far as people using the N-word...

Im not a person who thinks only blacks can use it.. my wife is spanish & Italian and she occasionally uses it... But here's the key

I know her and I know what the context is in which she is using it

^thats the key right there

I know what she is trying to say.. We have already reached a point where we have that understanding... I knew an Irish girl who hung out black people and occasionally used the word, and nobody got mad at her either...

Why? because they know her and they know the context in which the word was being used.....

If I have a sister and she is fat and I call her a fat pig....that is one thing...If some stranger walks by and hears me call her a fat pig and then he tries to call her one too....he gets punched in his face

why? because he doesnt know her like that.

If I walk thru and Italian neighborhood and hear Italians calling each other daegos or goombah (sp?)... Do I get to walk up to an Italian now and say it too because they said to each other? HELL NO. not if I dont wanna fight these dudes..

people in this country need to use common sense sometimes....

the word has different meaning coming from different people in different situations and if the meaning isnt clear, people will be offended.

you dont just use the word... you need to use in its proper setting..

as far as comedians go, they to be funny when using the word or the people will be offended

you cant compare jews and asians and other groups to blacks because those groups came here by choice..... they werent brought here as slaves and they dont have the relationship to whites and this society that blacks have experienced..

add that to the fact that racism still occurs today and blacks are the easiest group to discriminate against because you can identify most black people on sight....(notice how the lighter you get, the more you automatically 'fit in' to society in ways that darker people dont.....) how many white guys have ever been blazed up by police like Amadou Diallo, or the Sean Bell kid or the other guy who got muredered in 2003?

things like that give people of color pause and makes them sensitive to society and their lack of respect for people of color

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