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Originally Posted by TheReturnofCed
Atlanta Hawks:

Strengths: The Hawks have a lot of young talent at the wing positions, and good depth. All these guys with the exception of Childress have star potential. Joe Johnson has shown glimpses of being a very special player and the mistake of not picking Chris Paul doesnít look to bad to me when you have such a stud in Marvin Williams.

Weaknesses: The Hawks have huge holes at point guard and center. Drafting at 5, they could reach and pick Marcus Williams from Uconn, but I like Joe Johnsonís point guard ability, and feel Brandon Roy would be a better choice here, and to address their needs at center through free agency. Nene should be the big prize for Atlanta in free agency. If Roy were off the board I would look at drafting Shelden Williams as their center, albeit undersized he is strong and active, much like Ben Wallace. With the 33rd pick they should look at drafting the best point guard or center available. I have a feeling Daniel Gibson or Kyle Lowry will be available at 33.

5th pick: Brandon Roy- Washington
33rd pick: Daniel Gibson- Texas
FA goal: Nene

I think S.Williams has been told that he is the pick at no.5
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