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Originally Posted by boozehound
Alright buddy, first off I do have some of BB's newer albums and it is not Smooth Jazz. Smooth jazz implies the likes of Bill Frisell, Josh Redman etc. The fact that you get your music information from the genere bins at music stores just shows how limited you are. He gets grouped with smooth jazz (not in a good record store) and the name of a tour is irrelevant. Pioneer my ass, hes a weak, uncle tom version fo the real mephis/chicago electric blues. He is a good musician and brought blues to a mainstream audience but pioneer implies someone like Son House or Bukka WHite.

You clearly have the musical IQ of an MTV VJ. How about you spend some time searching out some modern blues (theres alot of it) instead of limiting yourself to what you hear on the airwaves.

ALso, the currently accepted position based on cranial morphology and mitochondrial DNA is that anatomically modern humans and neandertals are seperate lineages with a common ancestor.

First off I haven't bought a cd in years. What's the point when I can download it on limewire. Join the new age gramps. I've heard some of King's most recent efforts. He has over 50, I repeat, 50 recorded albums. What sense would it make to keep recording the same type of sound over and over and over again. And calling the annointed, not self-proclaimed King of Blues an uncle tom lets me know you have the common sense of a mangy back alley tomcat and the neighbors should pelt you with canned goods. Don't equate a soul crooner who laments the struggle of not just his race, but ALL men, an uncle tom. If King's an unc tom, I guess that makes THE 'King' a ****** with a good hip swivel. Spare me.
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